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List of Destinations



District: Anuppur - Amarkantak

How to reach
Amarkantak is 71 Kms. from Anupppur, which is an important railway junction of the South Eastern Central Railway. Amarkantak is at a distance of 320 Kms. from Jabalpur and 265 Kms. from Rewa by road and around 100 Kms. from Shahdol. Jabalpur, Rewa, and Shahdol are all railway stations. The nearest railway station from Amarkantak is Pendra, which is 65 Kms. from Amarkantak. Pendra is in Bilaspur district of Chhatisgarh state.

Whom to contact
DFO Anoopur : 07659-222038.
CCF Shahdol : 07652-245361.
MPT Reservation : 0755- 2778383

Where to stay - Amarktantak.

What to see
Narmada Mandir, Mai Ka Bagiya, Sonmuda, Bhrigumandal, Kabir Chabutra, Jwaleshwar Mahadev, Kapildhara, Dudhdhara, Shambhudhara, Sarvodya Jain Temple and Durgadhara.

When to visit - Round the year.



District: Balaghat - Gangulpara Boating facility.
Balaghat - Vanganga Boating facility.
Balaghat - Gangulpara Rest House.
Balaghat - Gangulpara Nature Trail.

How to reach
Balaghat nearest Airport is at Nagpur. The District Headquarter is situated on Narrow gauge line of Jabalpur-Balaghat and Broad gauge line of Balaghat-Gondia section of South-Eastern Railway. Balaghat is well connected by Bus, directly with important places such as Bhopal, Nagpur, Gondia, Jabalpur, Raipur etc. Gangulpara 14 km from Balaghat on Baihar road.

Whom to contact
DFO South Balaghat- 07632- 248414.
CCF Balaghat- 07632-241201.

Where to stay - Balaghat.

What to see - Forest and landscape of miscellaneous forest.

When to visit - Preferably Monsoon.



District: Bhopal - piknik@bhopal- Kerwa
Bhopal - Van Vihar NP Serpentorium
Bhopal - Smruti Van Tree hut

How to reach
Bhopal airport is connected to Mumbai, Indore, Gwalior and Delhi. Lots of bus facilities, public and private, are available in Bhopal. All cities in the state are connected to Bhopal by bus services. Overnight deluxe buses from Delhi, Gwalior and Jabalpur are available to Bhopal. Bhopal Railway Station is a major railhead in Mumbai – Delhi broad gauge. It has connection trains to all major cities in India. Daily Shatabdi expresses shuttle between Bhopal and Delhi.

Whom to contact
DFO Bhopal- 0755:2674322
CCF Bhopal: 0755- 2674296
Director Van Vihar NP: 0755-2674278
Unit Manager piknik@bhopal: 0755- 2696736
MPT Reservation- 0755- 2778383

Where to stay - Bhopal

What to see - Extensive forest ranges on three sides and beautiful sun setting over Kerwa dam waters.

When to visit - Round the year



District: Burhanpur - Nepanagar Tree Hut

How to reach
One can reach Burhanpur by Khandwa and taking any of the following modes of transport. However it is considerably convenient to come to Burhanpur via Indore. You can reach Indore. Since Burhanpur is situated on the National Highway. Nepanagar is 27 km from Burhanpur.

Whom to contact
DFO Burhanpur : 07325-251280.
CCF Khandwa : 0733-2224120.

Where to stay - Burhanpur.

What to see
The Fort at Asirgarh, Shahi Quila, Shah Jahani Hamam, Mirza Raja Jai Singh Ki Chhatri, Akbari Sarai, Mahal Gulara, Begum Shah Shujas cenotaph, Khuni Bhandara, Gurudwara.

When to visit - Preferably Monsoon.



District : Tikamgarh - Orchha

How to reach
A village of Niwari tehsil, Orchha is situated on the Betwa river at a distance of about 13 Km. from tehsil headquarter. It is 15 Km. from Jhansi(U.P.). Orchha is linked by the rail on Jhansi-Manikpur section of the Central railway.

Whom to contact
DFO Tikamgarh : 07683-245315,
CCF Chhatarpur : 07682-242107.

Where to stay - Orchha, Jhansi.

What to see
Ram Raja Temple , Jahagir Mahal, Chaturbuj Temple, Laxmi Temple, Phool Bagshish Mahal, Kanchana Ghat, Chandra Shekhar Azad Memorial, Savan- Bhadon, Hardol Ki Samadhi, Badi Chhatrian, Rai Praveen Mahal, Keshav Bhavan.

When to visit - Preferably Monsoon, Round the year.